I’m grateful for your consideration in supporting my passion… Your support means that I may continue to create new pieces as the future unfolds.


Please email ( ) me to discuss your interest in hosting an exhibition, gallery, art shows, or artist collaborations, licensing, patron, and donations . I look forward to considering any opportunity with the potential to learn, share and grow.


Licensing opportunities are available for any of my existing work or future creations. Send an email to “” so we may explore these exciting possibilities!


Becoming a patron means providing me with the most flexibility. This opportunity allows me to focus on daily adventures of capturing the most random images flowing through my lens in this beautiful world. Please Contact me through my email ( for more information on how you can become a patron.


Like what you see…has an image resonated with your spirit, mind and/or soul? Then please contact me through me email ( for further donation options.


Of course support comes in many forms, shapes and sizes… One can always connect and share on Facebook , Instagram, Flickr, TwitterField Report Collective profile, and Famo Cose Makerspace, or the next time while crossing paths out or if you see me in the streets, say hello.

And as always, “Thank You!”

Perry Hall